Intel Core 10th Generation

Intel Core 10th Generation

The 10th generation of INTEL for laptops is just around the corner and presents significant advantages which include integrated AI technology, integrated Thunderbolt 3 technology, Intel Wi-Fi 6, 4K HDR, and many more. Next, we will know more about these new features.


Integrated AI technology

This technology will allow us to perform tasks faster and more fluently; this is one of the advantages of integrated AI. Our computer will learn and adapt to our routine and activities that we carry out daily, taking advantage of the instructions of the integrated AI.


Excellent connectivity

With the new integrated Thunderbolt 3 and Intel Wi-Fi 6 technology, computers with 10th generation Intel Core will have a very versatile wireless and cable connection while being very powerful and fast.


4K HDR graphics.

Thanks to the new generation of Intel, the graphics on our computers will go beyond the usual, we will have a very realistic experience with 4K HDR technology and the performance needed to play in 1080p.


The new generation of Intel is expected to increase the performance of computers, this new chip is based on the Sunny Cove 10nm architecture and Gen 11 graphics, this new line will be available in Core I3, Core I5 ​​, and Core I7 and will also have three Thermal design power levels: 9W, 15W, 28W quad-core and up to eight threads. Apart from the new generation, Intel launches 14 new Core vPro and 14 Xeon E processors for computers and desktop PCs, in addition to its plans to launch a new Core X line for Premium creators.

Intel says the new line will improve performance in a variety of aspects such as:

- AI performance up to two and a half times faster than in the 8th Generation of Core I7 with Intel DL Boost.

- Twice faster graphics performance for chips with Intel Iris Plus graphics based on the Gen 11 graphics architecture, including an HEVC and FPS encoding system up to twice as fast

- Wireless speeds 3 times faster, at more than 1Gbps.

It was expected that AMD would not be left behind by what they go ahead and launches the new generation of Ryzen, CPU AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen which is intended to improve game performance and content creation, matter in which we know are experts The new generation AMD line will include Ryzen 5 3600, Ryzen 5 3600X, Ryzen 7 3700X, Ryzen 7 3800X and Ryzen 9 3900X, which can have from 6 cores to 12 cores and TDP from 65W to 105W. All AMD 3rd generation processors are compatible with PCIe 40 PC preparation. The best bet of AMD in its 3rd generation is the Ryzen 9 399X with 12 cores and 24 threads; this competes with the Intel Core I9 9920X chipset about the price which is less than half even though it works 18% faster than the Core I7 9th Gen.

As we have already spoken, AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen is superior to the previous generation of Intel 9th ​​Gen in terms of speed, playability, and performance in general. Now the real issue is to opt for AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen or Intel Core 10th Gen. As we know AMD has always been aimed at gamer audiences increasing the performance of our computers to achieve more significant experience and bringing our senses to the maximum in terms of video games. Refer. Intel offers us unique connectivity with new integrated technologies and a very advanced AI system in addition to 4K graphics ideal for playing or using design and animation software. It is crucial to keep in mind that AMD microprocessors are much cheaper than Intel and these two new generations of each manufacturer are very distant from each other in terms of technology. We hope that all these data will be useful when choosing one of the options for both amateurs and those already well known on the subject.

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