AMD zen 2 | Complete lineup explained

AMD zen 2 | Complete lineup explained

Within the new generation of AMD Ryzen 3000 based on Zen 2 architecture and manufactured in 7 nanometers, we have their five great offers, which we will be knowing and analyze their advantages and disadvantages over Intel processors. These new processors offer us a substantial improvement in performance and quality, as well as lower prices than those provided by Intel in similar processors.

AMD Zend 2:

It is elaborated in processes of 7nm in addition to that it has improved in considerable measure the IPC. It has been implemented in Ryzen 3000 and will soon be used in Threadripper 3000 and Ryzen 4000 APUs. Thanks to this, it has been possible to increase the number of cores to 16 and the number of threads to 32, and it is expected that in Threadripper 3000 it will increase to 64 Cores and 128 threads. This architecture has undoubtedly been a revolutionary change within AMD

These new AMD processors have been presented in the Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 series, the differences between each set are the prices and the number of cores it contains.AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Of the five processors presented by AMD, this is the most economical, has six cores and 12 threads with speeds ranging from 3.6 to 4.2 GHz, a 65 W TDP and 35 MB of cache memory

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

This processor keeps the same number of cores and threads as the previous one but extends the TDP to 95 W and the speed increases, this time will go from 3.8 to 4.4 GHz, keeps the 35 MB cache.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X.

It is the first of the Ryzen 7 series, so it increases its number of cores to 8 and threads to 16, its TDP is 65 W and goes at a speed of 3.6 to 4.4 GHz with 35 MB of cache memory

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X

Ryzen 7 3800X has eight cores and 12 threads, a TDP of 105 W, has speed from 3.9 to 4.5 GHz with a cache memory of 36Mb

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

It´s the turn of the most powerful of the family, consisting of 12 cores and 24 threads, a real barbarity, 105 W TDP and a speed of 3.8 to 4.6 GHz with 70 MB of cache memory. Promising a better consumption than its counterpart, Intel Core i9 9900K and a renewed performance especially in video thanks to the improvements made in the IPC. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X could be reaching the title of the best desktop processor on the market

Next, let's see a table that summarizes all this content and a brief comparison between the two great processors of each company.



In addition to these 5 new processors also announced the AMD Ryzen 3950X the jewel of the crown of the new generation, which has an amazing figure of 16 cores and 32 threads of execution, its speed will be 3.5 GHz base and 4.7 GHz boost, 72 MB cache memory and 105 W TDP. The arrival of this new microprocessor was expected for the month of September, but due to the high demand for the AMD Ryzen 3000 the company decided to postpone its launch date to November in order to focus all its efforts on the production of these models already presented. The launch of Ryzen 3950X will take place alongside the 3rd generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper, AMD's HEDT platform. This is a range of processors that will come with 32 cores and their own socket, TR4. The first model will have the Zen 2 architecture and 24 cores, but we know that in the future we will see some with 32 or even more cores.

Another member of this powerful family is the AMD Ryzen 5 3500 which will be the first Ryzen desktop processor without SMT, which is aimed at those users who do not need this functionality, we talk about tasks that do not need more than 4 or 6 threads. It is a 6-core 6- threads processor with a base frequency of 3.6 GHz and 4.1 GHz turbo that is at the level of Intel Core i5 9400F that has the same number of cores and maximum turbo frequency as the Ryzen 5 3500

Adding to all the features of these new processors, AMD, along with Microsoft, have made improvements at the operating system level, correcting some existing problems. This was because the Windows scheduler did not know how to redirect tasks performance priorities, which resulted in more significant latency and lower performance.

AMD Ryzen 3000 has marked a before and after in the multinational AMD, offering us very high-end processors and very high multi-core performance. Thanks to its advanced technology and its great efforts, AMD has been able to manufacture processors that have managed to challenge both the balanced Core i5 and the powerful Core i9.


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