2019 Gaming Power Supplies

2019 Gaming Power Supplies

The power supply, also known as a power converter, power pack, or PSU, is responsible for delivering enough energy, converting alternating current into one or several direct currents, for the proper functioning of the order and all its parts.

On the other hand, power supplies regulate voltage levels that vary under certain conditions, avoiding overheating of the most straightforward and most vulnerable components, so we are not talking about an optional part. Although voltage regulators are used, the regulating action of the source itself provides unparalleled protection.

Below, we present the best power supplies on the market along with a few small technical details that will get you out of any doubt you have after having performed the analysis.

Corsair AX1600i

This is the best source currently available on the market. Corsair AX1600i has turned the world of transistors upside down as it is the first source to use gallium nitride semiconductors instead of silicon. It provides power supply of 1600W (not the highest in the market) with an 80PLUS Titanium certificate; its internal components are all high technology and digital design, manufactured by Flextronics which achieve an efficiency of 93% and temperatures of 105 °. 100% of the interior of the power supply can be controlled and monitored by the software CORSAIR LINK (temperature, fan speed, voltage, alternating current and direct). Without a doubt, we are in front of the best in Japanese technology in the service of our computers.


Enermax MaxTytan

MaxTytan comes with new features in the fan and cooling system. With its DFR technology, it allows the fan to remove dust from the blades, leaving it completely clean when turning at a constant speed of 550 rpm. Twister Bearing technology provides silent, efficient, and continuous cooling thanks to its extremely aggressive semi-passive mode.

Its wiring system is Sleemax individual sleeve, which offers protection and flexibility, this source gives us a power of 750W, although is also available in 1500W, a version that is used for Multi-GPU with overclocking.


Corsair HX1200

This font is a much-improved version of the RMi series. We will be able to choose between multi-rail and mono-rail for 12V, presents the certificate of efficiency of 80PLUS Platinum. Its operation is quite silent since it offers an aggressive semi-passive mode and the last generation FDB fan.

It should be noted that although it will not interfere when mounting the power supply in the chassis, its wiring is quite rigid and will be a little uncomfortable. Its semi-passive mode is not deactivated. Its power is 1200W, although this is the top of a Corsair family of the same model, which offers various controls.

-Corsair HX750

-Corsair HX750i

-Corsair HX850 (this is the model with more power and connectors for Multi-GPU and overclock configuration)


EVGA Supernova

It is an excellent power supply, totally modular. It presents the 80PLUS Platinum certificate, incorporates a single 12V rail that handles a total of 99.9A. The fan can be turned on at a certain shit level or manually, thanks to the echo mode. Its cables use a thickness of 16awg for the 24 pin, which allows us to turn on the power supply without the need for a motherboard. Its power is 1200W; it has voltage protection, low voltage protection, high voltage protection, short circuit protection. In short, we have a potent power supply, which will last us for many years.

Nfortec Sagitta

A power supply with 80PLUS Gold certification, which guarantees a minimum energy efficiency of 87%, available on several levels, from 650W to the most powerful 1500W. Sagitta incorporates a 140 mm RGB fan with different effects and colors to create a custom configuration taking care of the smallest details. This fan is sound reduced, which incorporates an intelligent speed control that will adjust to the energy needs of our computer. Thanks to its Modular feature, you will be able to connect only the necessary cables so we will not have loose wires inside our PC. Through the PFC technology that has been incorporated, our power supply will correct the peaks of electricity produced by the electric waves obtaining the necessary direct current.

To shed some light on the subject and help you choose a power supply that suits your needs and demands, we will present you with a series of parameters that you should not forget, and that will help you understand how power supplies work.


It is the first aspect that we must pay attention to when buying a new power supply because all our internal components will get the energy needed to operate through this part. So we can say that the more powerful our PC is, the more power we must have in our power supply.

Rails and amps

The power is distributed through several tracks, through which several voltages will circulate; there are three types of fences 3V, 5V, and +12V. We can find power supplies with a single rail +12V and power supplies with two or more, in which the power is divided between them. The most modern and robust power supplies tend to have multi-rail because in case of overload or short circuit are safer, and the damage is not concentrated on a single rail.

Models 80PLUS

It is the percentage of energy that actually reaches the computer. Power supplies that pass an efficiency test of at least 80% achieve a certificate of 80PLUS. The units that do not enter this figure lose a lot of energy along the way so that we will have more noise, more heat, and more wear, these are not recommended. There are several 80PLUS certificates:

-80 Plus Bronze

-80 Plus Silver

-80 Plus Gold

-80 Plus Platinum



The necessary connectors are the one that goes to the 20 or 24 pin motherboard, one of the processors with 4 or 8 pins, and one of the graphics cards with 6 or 8 pins.

Here comes our selection of the best gaming power supplies for 2019, we hope it has been beneficial and encourage you to get one of them.


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