Snapfire and Void Spirit new heroes Dota 2

Snapfire and Void Spirit new heroes Dota 2

It has been a long time speaking and speculating about who the new heroes would be in joining the already legendary Dota 2 squad. Valve took advantage of the climax of The International, the world's biggest Dota 2 competition, to introduce the new heroes who will arrive very soon to his MOBA. Although the exact date is unknown, we do know that we will see these new family members this fall, along with the new thematic update called The Outlanders, which we are 100% sure will significantly modify the gameplay.

The first of the two new heroes of Dota 2 to be introduced was Snapfire, a goblin that is mounted on a very nice lizard whose skill set consists of baking cookies, spitting fire, and firing a fairly powerful weapon. The ability of cookies is not other than to increase the skill level of the allies, but in case Snapfire is knocked down the enemy could use these cookies in their favor in future battles, it could also be that these cookies occupy a space in the inventory and we could use them when it suits us best (the most likely is that it has a timer like Aegis), of course, the giant lizard on which it is mounted also has the possibility of eating these cookies that until now we know that it is a double-edged sword . Another of her abilities is his blast of attack, which she can keep in constant motion. Her ultimate ability appears to be a long jump in which the lizard spits lava and will apply break once he hits the enemy. What we do know for sure about Snapfire "the granny with a shotgun" is that she is Timbersaw's aunt and that she is a hero who will attack at a distance with her shotgun and will be able to use her lizard up close. She is one of the funniest characters that will make us fond of her quickly, could play the supporting role within the team, although in Dota 2 the positions of the heroes and roles are not as well defined as in other deliveries of this genre.



The other hero announced by Valve in the framework of The International was the hero number 119 Void Spirit. This hero is able to see everything from the Void and nothing is out of his reach; Void Spirit will join the Dota 2 staff and fight alongside his brothers Earth Spirit, Ember Spirit, and Storm Spirit after they had called him a long time ago, which makes him lose the ability to know everything. The brother spirits are, in the folklore of Dota 2, a race of "Celestials", a kind of gods of the universe that have some affinity to the elements, this explains us the abilities of the other 3 celestials and Brewmaster, since their father is a celestial, therefore, they have same ancestors. We also assume that there is some relationship between the Void Spirit and Faceless Void. This hero had only been mentioned previously briefly in the history, lines of dialogue and comics of Dota 2, Void comes from another dimension (the Void), from which Enigma also comes, which is also the place where he has been hiding all this time and from where he is finally forced to come out to help his brothers in what he calls "The Great Confluence." His combat style we know is based on a double-pointed spear and his ability to enter and exit the Void. The skills he might have are:

Empty remnant

Void Spirit has an intangible and unique remnant that controls and can manipulate with its spells; if Void moves away more than 1300 away from its remnant, it will reappear in its location. The remnant has attack damage equal to ours.

Remaining command

Point to a place to order your remnant to travel there for 1 second. Attack enemies he meets along the way, and if the enemy is a hero, steal some of his main attributes and hand them to Void.


Remaining Manifesto

By targeting an enemy hero Void, Spirit will be able to turn his remnant into a clone of that hero, getting his attack damage, and any passive skills. While this lasts there is an additional effect based on its primary attribute; if the primary element is strong, the damage of the target hero is reduced, if it is intelligence, your attacks against the hero steal mana and if it is agility you get True Strikes against the target hero and his armor is reduced.


Void Spirit has the appearance of a short-range agility hero and his fighting style is, and if his skills are similar to those speculated he could have the potential to be a carrier, ideal for hunting enemies, since among the spirit brothers are Earth which is support, Storm and Ember Spirit are medium-range heroes and rarely played carrier.


In Dota 2, every day, millions of players from all over the world go into battle as one of Dota's more than 100 heroes. And whether it's your 10 or 1,000 hours, there's always something new to discover. With regular updates that ensure a constant evolution of gameplay, features, and heroes, Dota 2 has taken a life of its own.

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