DOTA 2 | Best heroes for beginners Dota 2

DOTA 2 | Best heroes for beginners Dota 2


Learning to play Dota 2 can be complicated and tedious, especially if we do not make a right choice of our first hero because if the game does not get us hooked, we will end up leaving it soon. For this reason, the companies try to facilitate as much as possible the beginnings of new players, as is the case of Valve, the developer of the great MOBA Dota 2, which recently announced a series of changes and improvements in order to help new players to enjoy the most pleasant experience possible, without many obstacles or common mistakes.

One of the main problems with Dota 2 for beginners is the number of heroes to choose, a total of 117. Beyond being a blessing for pro players, it is a real headache for amateurs. This is a guide to help beginners to choose some heroes that, for some reason or another, have a certain level of ease to learn to handle them and will be ideal to begin our Dota 2 adventure.


Wraith King:

 It is a potent and attractive carrier; it is quite simple to use as it only has one active skill. It is very resilient, and his keen ability incapacitates the enemy at a distance, his passive skill does not need to be activated, they will do so in different circumstances. One of them allows us to be reborn with our punch points and mana to the maximum; this will only work if we have been killed with 140 mana remaining. It also has the ability to perform critical blows, and nearby allies steal life as they wound the enemy. He is a reasonably balanced player who does not need particular items to activate his powers, so he is one of the recommended ones.


 It's another carrier, but this one has two active skills. One of them is a deadly attack that causes a little more damage than the default attack and slows down the enemy; the other is the Ultimate skill achieved at level 6, it is a poison attack that causes a lot of damage over time and slows the movements and attacks of the affected enemy. He has two passive skills; one of them takes life from the opponents who attack you, and the other adds damage to the deadly attacks. Viper is an attacking carrier at a distance, so it is also quite easy to play and an excellent option to debut in Dota 2.



 It is the first support that we will present to you because it has a new active skill that makes it very powerful. In a first keen ability, Lich throws an ice ball that harms the target but also explodes, damaging and slowing down in a given area range. The second of his skills is The Ice Armor, which provides protection to an ally or structure and slows the enemy. Perhaps the most useful of all is Sacrifice, which consumes an allied creep to restore mana and continue in combat. The last of his powers is the chain freeze, which consists of throwing an ice ball that does a lot of damage and bounces between several enemies. As we have been able to read, Lich is a potent and easy to use hero and also keep in mind that he uses ranged attacks.


 This character is an offline carrier, which means that he is a tough guy to peel, it is partly because of his passive ability Backbone, which reduces the damage of attacks received from the back. Also, he has a first active ability that slows down the enemy and reduces their armor, and his other power is a rain of thorns that inflicts damage in a given area. These two active skills have very little recharge time, so that we can launch them many times in a row. Finally, but no less powerful the Warpath, which improves the speed and damage of the skills you cast. Bristelback is an ideal character for those who are going to play alone; this guy is adamant.



 It is the ideal character to start a fight as well as excellent support; these aspects make him a fundamental element during the game. Within his skills tree, he has the first one that causes damage to enemies and throws them to the ground, leaving them stunned. Another of his abilities is to transform the target into a beast, leaving him incapacitated for a while. He is also able to drain mana from the rivals and, finally, the Finger of Death, which causes a large amount of damage to a unit.


To do well in Dota 2, you must dominate all the heroes; however, many times, we think that the easiest to use are those who have few active skills, and that is a mistake. The important thing is that besides being easy not to lose ourselves among so many powers, these are good and useful depending on our role.


In addition to all this, you will have to learn to work with all the roles that there are in a game of Dota 2, carry, offline, support, tank, and so on. Here we will give you a brief explanation of what each paper consists of.


Carry: This hero carries the weight of the game from start to finish. He is a kind of hero who, in the beginning, is not too strong and will need to carry objects to improve his statistics. He will need the support of other heroes, but after 20 minutes of play, if you have played him well, it will be a real headache, becoming one of the most powerful of the game.


Support: as its name suggest, its job is to support other heroes and especially the carry, but not at the beginning of the game. His attacking power is not its strongest point so that they won't make many deaths, another of his functions is to buy wards or sentinels, which widens the field of vision on the map and allows us to surprise unsuspecting players. They are also responsible for purchasing the messenger donkey, who takes the items purchased at the store where they are needed


Initiator: in charge of initiating combats against the enemy. This is his role as they have excellent abilities to slow down or stun enemies and their level 6 is unique for this


Ganker: he is a slightly uncomfortable kind of hero; his strength lies in his primary abilities, so he is just as compelling from the beginning of the game. His primary mission is to search for heroes who are distracted or running away to give them the coup de grace and end their life bar. For its correct performance, it is essential that the support does well its work and placing the wards to be able to surprise the enemies.


Jungler: This hero spends most of his game time in the jungle. His goal is to kill creeps from the beginning in order to gain gold and XP and go up the level. In addition, being in the jungle for so long has a good position to surprise enemy heroes.


Offline: this is a hero who goes alone all the time along the hard line of his team. This character can withstand a great deal of damage; in general, they are tank heroes who have specific skills to damage the enemy.


The choice of your hero can mean the victory or defeat for your team, so we recommend that you start with some of these characters, and as you train yourselves vary between the different roles offered by the game.


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