Apex legend 2 | Apex Legend: characters and abilities

Apex legend 2 | Apex Legend: characters and abilities

  Apex Legend is a free video game developed by Respawn Entertainment in which the Legendary (as the characters are known in this video game) fight for fame, glory, and fortune outside The Border. To be the best, we must master the skills of our legend, make strategic decisions on the fly, and take advantage of the strengths of our team. The characters of Apex Legend and the classes are unlike in another battle royale, a central part of the game. In this article, we will discover a growing cast of legends, each with its personality, strengths, and abilities.



Whose real name is Anita Williams, she is a professional soldier descended from a long line of military. Her passive and tactical skills combine very well to reposition quickly, so she also functions as a supporting character. Her tactical ability is the Smoke Lance, which allows her to launch a high-speed smoke grenade that explodes and creates a smokescreen. The passive ability, Light Pass, will enable you to run faster when you are shot or fired in your direction during a sprint. The ultimate ability, Thunder Rumble, is an artillery attack that is activated by launching a smoke beacon and creates a row of missiles that progressively advance on the battlefield and detonate after a timeout.



Another of the female characters of Apex Legend, in this case, we have a tracker, one of the best hunters in The Border. Nothing is known about his life, only that she is one of the most feared rivals of the Apex Games. Bloodhound is an excellent option for checking potentially dangerous buildings and areas where an ambush is likely to occur. Her tactical ability, Omniscient Eye, temporarily reveals hidden enemies, traps, and clues to nearby structures. The passive, Tracker, allows you to find clues left by enemies, being able to follow the trail.

Beast Hunter, increases the character's movement speed by turning her into a super hunter, allows her to see every living thing in red, and you can detect traces of little resentment.



He is one of the oldest legends of the Apex Game; he was one of the most brilliant scientists in The Border. He worked in a significant pesticide gas factory until he was rejected because his experiments became very dangerous, his real name is Alexander Nox. His skills are ideal for use alongside other characters; his tactical ability, Nox Gas Trap, throws gas traps that are activated when fired or when an enemy approaches and releases toxic green gas (Nox), wounding enemies. His passive, Nox Vision allows him to see through that gas. His ultimate ability, Nox Gas Grenade, quickly launches a Nox gas grenade that is immediately activated.



His nickname is "Fortress Shield," he is a kind of giant guy, but with a rebellious side tough to control. Due to what he lived in his childhood, he has a protective spirit, comes from the planet Solace and his real name is Makoa Gibraltar. This legend is dedicated to helping people in need in honor of his father, who lost an arm while saving him from a motorcycle accident. It is par excellence the tank of the game, with high defenses and heavy artillery of a vast range of activities, it is ideal for static positions. You can also save the play by using your skills to create portable protection while the entire squad moves in search of shields and lives. His tactical ability, Protection Dome, allows him to install a hemispherical force field that blocks any attack for 15 seconds. The passive, Shield of Weapon, is a personal front shield that blocks enemy fire when aimed with the weapon. His ultimate ability, Definitive Bombardment, is a mortar attack on a position you mark with a smoke grenade.



Ajay Che is the "Combat Medic," daughter of some merchants of war, enlisted in the Border Peace Corps. Now she dedicates his life to helping others, participates in the Apex Games to raise money to finance the Border Peace Corps. She is the character with the most precise support role in Apex Legend; her abilities are aimed at healing his teammates, reviving at full speed, and getting equipment for the squad. The tactical skill, Operative Healing Drone, automatically restores the lives of close companions. Her passive ability, Combat Medic, allows you to relive battered companions more quickly while protecting herself with a shield, and in addition, healing objects are used 25% faster. The ultimate skill, Survival Pack, requests the sending of a capsule full of high-quality defensive equipment marking the exact position where it will fall. In any case, your goal as Lifeline is to keep your allies' life bar as high as possible



Like Gibraltar, he is from the planet Solace, when he learned about the fortune that was given to the winners of the Apex Games, he didn't hesitate to sign up. Relying on the skills he had learned from his mother, illusory technology and holographic devices, he earned the nickname "Holographic Mischief." Elliot Will is a legend whose tactics are the use of lures, ideal for players who prefer to go to his ball, although the perfect time to use of his skills is as part of a flanking move of your squad, or a tactical retreat when the enemy is overtaking you. His tactical ability, Decay, deploys a holographic lure that goes in the desired direction to distract enemies. The passive ability, ¡Mas! Activates a personal camouflage automatically for 5 seconds when it is shot down. The ultimate ability, Disappear, deploys several holographic baits while camouflaged himself. He is one of the legends with the highest skill range as the best players are able to create very favorable situations to use their powers.




One of the game's most eye-catching characters is a Nanocomputed Versatile Robotic Mechanism (NVRM) that was modified to specialize in exploration and location recognition, an "Advanced Explorer." He has joined the Apex Game to get the attention of fans, and if he's lucky, find out who made it since he doesn't know it. This legend is excellent for moving around the map quickly with the platoon, but you shouldn't be too far away from your team when you use the Hook. The most skilled can use Pathfinder to reposition the squad, surrounding the enemy or dropping themselves from the highest positions with his Lancingtyroline. His tactical ability, Hook, is a hook that shoots and moves you to the point where the sight is located while the Hook is fixed. The passive, Internal Knowledge allows you to scan a radar for the location of the next ring. The ultimate skill, Lancingtyroline, will enable you to create a tyrosine that can be used by the entire team to travel long distances quickly.



It is the legend known as "Interdimensional Harasser." She is capable of manipulating space-time, but nobody knows why this is so or where these skills come from. Her goal in participating in the Apex Games is to know more about the experiments that allow her to understand how she lost her memories. Her tactical ability, In the Void, quickly reposition yourself in the safety of the void, avoiding any damage. The passive, Voices of the Void, makes the character hear voices, warning of possible dangers such as traps or other enemies, with the possibility of warning allies as well. The ultimate ability, Dimensional Gap, links two positions with a teleportation portal, which lasts 60 seconds and can be used by anyone. Players are still experiencing all the possibilities offered by this character, so go ahead and discover new opportunities provided by this legend.



He is an acrobat cyborg with bionic legs, known as Octavio Silva when he was still human, heir to the presidents of Silva-Pharmaceuticals. He entertained himself by performing acrobatics, defying death, and publishing holo videos of these for his fans. One day he decided to beat Gauntlett's record by throwing himself towards the finish line, exploding a grenade behind him, taking his legs off. He has a type of skill that leaves less time for coordination because his movements are swift and unbridled, but little by little, you will find the ideal teammates who are able to take full advantage of his speed, his repositioning possibilities, and his independence. His passive ability, Adrenaline, is to regenerate two life per second. Its tactical ability, Quick Repair, while not receiving damage, Octane recovers health over time, and finally, his definitive ability, Jumping Platform, allows you to deploy a jumping platform that can be used by any player, either friend or enemy.



She is a woman prepared to work with electricity, which has earned herself the title of "Static Defender." This legend allows us to defend our allies from enemy artillery in addition to damaging and slowing down rivals. Her Security Perimeter will enable us to take control of a part of the map, either by trapping an enemy squad inside or by surrounding yourself to get time to heal, find weapons, or plan with our team. Her passive ability, Spark of Genius, avoids being electrocuted by the same tactical but enemy ability. Her tactical ability, Security Perimeter, is to put a kind of posts that function as a defense since they function as electromagnetic fences; the longer you are inside one of these fences, the more life you will lose. Her definitive ability, Interceptor Tower, allows you to place a tower which destroys explosives throw you and regenerates your body shield regardless of your life or body shield rarity, a significant advantage at the end of the game.



He is a brilliant hacker and an expert in encryption; his specialty is the secrets he knows very well how to make them known or how to hide them. Crypto uses aerial drones to spy on his enemies in the Apex Game and go unnoticed; his drones have a design similar to those of the wanted killer Tae-Jun Park. This killer disappeared with a vital company secret. His passive ability, Neurolink, allows enemies detected by the surveillance drone to a maximum of 30 meters from your position to be marked and can be seen by you and your teammates. His tactical ability, Surveillance Drone, deploys an aerial drone to view the surrounding areas from above; if the drone is destroyed, there is forty-second waiting time before another drone can be used. His ultimate ability, Drone's PEM, employing the surveillance drone, sends an electromagnetic pulse that inflicts damage to the shields, slows enemies, and deactivates traps.

We must bear in mind that each legend has its complexity and its way of using it in battle. If you are a beginner, we recommend you try them all and choose the one that best suits your combat system.

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